Large New Zealand company embraces location based rewards using Foursquare

Air New Zealand is embracing the latest trend in social media: location based services, offering rewards to their frequent flyers through the popular social network Foursquare.
Customers will now be able to use the Foursquare applications on their mobile devices to check in to participating Air New Zealand terminals and lounges, and collect awards for their visits. As with all other Foursquare locations, the most frequent visitor in 60 days is considered its ‘Mayor’ and is often eligible for special offers. In this case, the Mayors are rewarded with a Koru Lounge pass, or if they are already a Koru, Gold, or Gold Elite member; they instead receive 100 Airpoints Dollars.

This will likely become a very popular service among business travellers, who will want to convert their many hours spent waiting in airport lounges into cold hard Airpoints Dollars. More widespread use will come as more specials are offered targeting casual and infrequent travellers.
Foursquare and other location based services such as GoWalla and BrightKite, are useful tools for both small and large business owners. They give businesses a novel way to reward repeat customers, while at the same time encourage repeat visits through the competitive game elements of Foursquare’s badge and points system.
Added benefit to business comes when a user checks in to a location-based service – they broadcast their location to all their friends in any of their social networks effectively endorsing the location. Advertising in a social context in this way doubles brand recall according to a recent Nielsen study.
Air New Zealand is currently the largest company in New Zealand offering specials through Foursquare, but as it and the concept of location-based services gain more traction in New Zealand expects to see more and more businesses embrace location-based reward services.

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  1. Sim Reply

    I think as with most trends, you need a taste maker like Air NZ to start the ball rolling. Will be good to see which other companies embrace Foursquare or GoWalla.

  2. Moringa Max Reply

    It does not matter, the company does not behave like a local one. They are hosed big time soon.

    I love friendly and low level attitude companies than wig wig BP like "i want my life back" when dozen got vaporized in the heat of companies greed.

  3. John Reply

    Good endorsement of foursquare. Excited by the concept of this SM but how to use it for internet-based business or retail without a physical location?

    1. John Lai Reply

      Hey John, great name by the way 🙂

      Good question as well, I think there is a way to integrate what you mention, and one of the idea that just popped into my head is those without physical location can use their stockist as a location, and everything someone go into that particular store which your product is on sale there and when you do checkin on foursquare, a prompt will pop saying "congratulation you have found one of our stockist" so that could be a way location services are integrated to those who dont have a physical store.

      John Lai

  4. Helen Steemson Reply

    What I love about this is that it's so perfectly targeted – it's not Foursquare for the sake of Foursquare.

    Koru club members, are largely business people and are therefore likely to have phones geo-locational capabilities.

    By virtue of our size and distance, we're not a very techno-advanced country. Air NZ has taken into account their target's access to technology and I bet it means this campaign will be more effective than many of the other SoMe initiatives I've seen of late.

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