Social Media NZ Weekly Wrap-up 18/07/2010

Old Spice

This week we have seen an amazing example of how great social media can be for marketing when paired with clever writing, perfect casting, and pirate pinatas.

Old Spice took the internet by storm when they released multiple individualized mini-commercials online using Twitter and YouTube. A team of writers, production crews, interns, and one muscly actor – worked around the clock for several days to produce short segments for internet celebrities, and even a few average Joes.

Proctor & Gamble, the company which owns Old Spice, gave free reign to the Old Spice creative team, and I think that was at the heart of its success. They were not hindered by a federated system, and instead were able to do what they were being paid to do – create. I am reminded of the great director Alfred Hitchcock, who would say to his actors ‘ This is your starting point, and this is your finishing point – what ever you do in between is up to you. I’ll just record it.’

I think Alfred would approve of Old Spice.


Week three of Apple’s iPhone 4 antenna problems may have been its worst, with revelations of censoring consumer complaints and possible mass recalls costing in the billions.

Apple held a press conference on Saturday to discuss the issue of the faulty antenna. Whilst Steve Jobs did apologize for the problem and has offered free bumpers to anyone effected – the attitude in which the apology was made left a sour taste in my mouth.

It will be many weeks before we start seeing whether ‘Antennagate’ (coined by Steve Jobs himself) will leave a lasting mark on Apple’s can-do-no-wrong image – but some are already starting to wonder whether Apple has jumped the shark.

Barcamp Auckland 4

The fourth annual Barcamp Auckland was held this Saturday at Botany College, and from the responses of attendees – it was an absolute success.

The day was filled with talks about technology, design, media, and even a whole session about album cover art.

Make sure you check out the replay of my live coverage of some of the sessions.

Social Media NZ

This week has seen an increase in activity at the SMNZ office, as the crew prepare for our official launch event. There will be discussions, presentations, hard-hitting questions, and free drinks galore – so make sure you have RSVPed for the event here.

If you can’t make it, don’t worry – we will be streaming live coverage of the event including video and written commentary.

Clip of the Week

We leave you this week with some words of wisdom from Isiah Mustafa, a man who has shown the world how truly awesome a man with the name Mustafa can be.


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