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It looks like Facebook is ready to reveal Locations.

By August 18, 2010News

In the wee hours of this morning (NZ Time) Facebook send out an invite to journalists to attend a special Facebook press event announcing a new feature, which could very likely be the long awaited Location feature. BoomTown and All Things Digital Kara Swisher says’s many of her sources from Facebook HQ that Geo-location will be part of the Wednesday announcement.

Now the question will Foursquare, Gowalla and other location based service be affected by this announcement Facebook may make tomorrow ? Yes but not as bad as most people think, as each platform brings its own uniqueness, Facebook most definitely has the bigger slice of the social platform market but people use these platforms for different experiences, I may use foursquare to recommend a good place to eat, but I may use Facebook Location to find local Farmville player.

It looks like Facebook is handling this with extreme caution, because with Facebook’s recent privacy woes and now by implementing geo-locations they are walking on a very-very thin line, so it’s fair enough to say why they have taken this long to release this feature, any small mistakes on their end will cause another huge backlash from the users again.

Do you think Facebook will reveal locations tomorrow ? If so do you see yourself using it ? We will be staying on top of this news, all shall be revealed tomorrow.

[Image Love: Mashable]