Storify Shows Its True Value In The Christchurch Earthquake

Storify Shows Its True Value In The Christchurch Earthquake

We are seeing social media platforms working overtime keeping us updated about the Christchurch Earthquake, but with social media we can easily be drowned with noise and unrelated content. A company called Storify has really shown its worth at a time like this in making information around the web easy to consume, and the good folks over at NZ Herald are utilizing this tool in bringing you the latest earthquake new real-time from the web.

Storify is still currently in Beta, and it’s not available for the public yet, but once it does, it will definitely be a beneficial tool for media organisation.

Here’s a nice and simple video explaining what Storify is all about:

Below we have embed NZ Herald’s Storify to show you it in action and why we think it will give Twitter a run for their money. You can be the judge for yourself.

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