Social Media NZ Weekly Wrap-up: NZ copyright bill, Groupon lands in NZ and more

Social Media NZ Weekly Wrap-up: NZ copyright bill, Groupon lands in NZ and more


This week the New Zealand government passed a controversial copyright bill, which if violated, could see repeat offenders lose internet access for six-months. Many were upset by the urgency with which this bill was ‘sneaked through’ parliament off the back of the Christchurch recovery emergency provision – social networking sites were swamped with anti-bill messages and the  “blackout” avatar protest was resurrected.

The biggest group deal website in the world Groupon has officially touched down in New Zealand. Named one of the fatest growing web companies in the world by Forbes Groupon may still find it difficult to enter the already saturated New Zealand market, if eBay’s failed 2001 attempt is anything to  go by.


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News you may have missed this week:

* Major online poker companies were shut down by the U.S government in on of the largest online poker crackdown this week.

* After a 10-month wait, the white iPhone 4 is ready for the world

* Relvotionary mobile payment system Square hits the U.S Apple Store

* A long time blogger for The Huffington Post looks set to cash in


Social Media Win of the week:


Virgin American teams up with San Francisco Airport on their new Terminal 2, which sees checking into your airport means more rewards and also it opens to many marketing opportunities.


Video of the week: Check into body parts with Foursquare [NSFW]

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