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Social Media NZ Weekly Wrap-up: Apple’s WWDC event and Facebook in Hotwater again

By June 13, 2011News


Welcome to another week where we wrap up the big buzz in the online and tech space.

This week, Apple’s WWDC event dominated the web and, like every other WWDC event that went before it, many Apple fans were on the edge on their seats to see the latest and greatest new products from the silicon valley magnate. Mac Lion OS, iOS 5 and iCloud where the three major announcements this time ’round. Basically, the stand-outs were the deep Twitter integration in the new iOS 5, giving iPhone users the ability to use Twitter without the need for a third-party Twitter client, iMessage which is Apple’s version of Blackberrys BBM, and the PC free feature which enables you to activate and use your iPad and iPhone without the need to connect to your iTunes through a desktop or laptop computer first – an offering that gets better the more you think about it! For those of you who’d like to check out the detail of each new release (including the ones we haven’t mentioned here), here’s a link through to an iLounge article breaking it all down.

From one giant to another, this week found Facebook in hot water again. This time it’s about their facial recognition feature which in the last few weeks, has been rolled out worldwide. The feature allows the user to easily tag friends without having to go through each photo individually. When you upload 20 photos of your friend’s wedding, the “suggested tags” system will automatically group together photos featuring the same face (ie. photos of the bride) and ask if you’d like to tag your friend in all of them at once. However, this feature is in breach of the data protection laws in Europe which basically say it’s a privacy risk and doesn’t give the user a choice to elect whether they want the feature or not. It’ll be interesting to see how this progresses – yet another step in the privacy battle between the legal community, the public, and the social media platforms.


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Other News you may have missed this week:

* The day after the WWDC event Steve Jobs announce to the world the plans for a spaceship like Apple HQ. Pipped to become a modern icon, a building of “deep architectural significance”, and one of the greenest buildings around, this announcement has set blogs a’buzzing all over the interweb.

* Twitter release a feature which will show your link shortened in tweets, which is good news for those trying to fit their tweets within the 140 character limit.

* Jack Dorsey, one of the men behind Twitter, is on the verge of taking his company Square passed the billion dollar valuation

* This week Youtube announced a new feature which allows content makers to remove Youtube’s in-video logo

* This week wordpress announce something many wordpress users have been craving for – an updated wordpress commenting system.

* An interesting story arose from our RSS feed this week with a bizarre Facebook story, it has deception, treachery, the whole nine yards….Read More



Video of the week: new, slick glasses which gives the user that ultimate social media experience….What do you think?