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The new Grooveshark is groovy, baby!

By November 1, 2012News


Grooveshark recently overhauled its site and the result is a more simplified, user-friendly and cool-looking version of our fave music streaming service. 


Grooveshark is one of our favourite music streaming services, and it recently underwent a massive transformation to make the site and web player more user-friendly. The new simplified Grooveshark is awesome, and we just had to share it with you.

So what are these great changes? First of all the site looks much cleaner and cooler, but it’s not all superficial. It’s now easier to search for new music and artists, and time spent hunting through your library for a specific track is cut down thanks to advanced searching and filtering options.

The home screen has been updated too and now presents you with music suggestions based on your listening habits and tastes as soon as you log in. This means you’re exposed to more great new bands and you’re always kept up to date on new songs from your favourite artists. The homepage also lets you follow artists and connect with friends to see what they’re listening to, or find out what’s popular in your community.

You can easily drag and drop music to the player at the bottom to hear it, or just click play in the tiled UI. Categorization and music discovery lets you explore the latest and most popular tracks across all different genres, which is perfect for someone with my eclectic  (or what some would call “random”) taste. You do still have the option to click straight into your library, but where’s the fun in that?

Best of all, the service has made updates allowing for better integration with Facebook, Twitter and Google+, so you can share what you’re listening to with friends. This idea extends further to artists as well, who are now invited to interact with their fans by taking control of their own profiles and sharing new releases through the service.

The new site went live a couple of weeks ago, and you can check it out here


What do you think of the new Grooveshark? Drop us a line below!