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By January 20, 2013News


Internet millionaire Kim Dot Com is schmoozing tonight with the who’s who of New Zealand media and online aficionado’s, celebrating the successful launch of his new website Mega.co.nz. It comes exactly one year (to the minute) after the New Zealand authorities stormed his mansion in the now infamous and rather illegal Kim Dot Com raid.


What makes this new website special is not only that it was created from scratch right here in Auckland, but how it manages to push the boundaries on sharing content online, and somehow still be legal. The website uses a military-grade encryption system to encrypt and keep users’ files private. What that also means is that Dot Com and his merry band of followers can claim no responsibility for the files shared on the site, thus expunging themselves of guilt if illegal files are shared (hurrah!)


Dot Com has warned the authorities that attempts to take the website down will be futile. While it remains to be seen if the website will become the most popular file sharing service online in an already crowded market, so far over 250,000 users have signed up to the site, so it is certainly on it’s way. Check it out here, and let us know what you think.