Rotten Apple?

Rotten Apple?


It wasn’t long ago when Apple could do no wrong. Even with Steve Jobs’ well-known tanties and bad behavior, he managed to steer the company in the right direction (eventually) and turn it into a billion dollar behemoth.

According to an article on Stuff, Apple has lost its spark, it’s glow, it’s glitter, it’s jazz – all that makes it ‘Apple’.

So how has this happened? A combination of dodgy products, Chinese knock-offs (ironic, as the iPhone is made in China) and the kids not thinking it is cool anymore have forced Apple to shed $150 million dollars in market value in only 4 months (where does that money go, I certainly wouldn’t mind some).

I am from Generation X: that generation who love, worship and adore Apple. My household is filled with all the ‘i’ products you can think of. While I have been growing up, so have the generation under me, called the Millennial Kids (I think our name is better, it sounds like it is from X-Men) but it seems they are not on the Apple Bandwagon with us. 

It remains to be seen if this is just a temporary nose-dive, or the beginnings of a catastrophic free-fall for Apple. Perhaps Apple TV will be enough to save it. Or perhaps we will all be using Galaxy Phones and Samsung laptops next decade (gulp).

Dani McAllen is a free spirit who left the sunny shores of Australia in 2008 for a life filled with adventure. Since then, she has lived in London and Paris, travelled Europe extensively, and started multiple blogs. She works in Social Media and is currently completing a thesis on Social Media in New Zealand. Never one to sit still for long, she is putting her roots down for the time being in Auckland. Passionate about the online world and its potential, Dani can be found writing for multiple websites, and blogging at Feel free to contact her via Twitter or email for a chat.

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