Obama & The Inauguration on Social Media


Everyone know’s Obama and his savvy team are Social Media experts. Those who were lucky enough to attend The Project Revolution last year in Auckland heard first hand from one of Obama’s former aides about the care, dedication and innovation that went into his first Social Media campaign when he ran for President.

Today the Social Media juggernaut continued, with the Obama Social Media team plastering the internet with viral-ready images and and clips of the inauguration. Twitter has a host of hastags dedicated to the special day, including #inaug2013 and #inauguration which both have countless tweets from those who are watching it around the world, who are there taking part in the special day, and those who work behind the scenes making all the Social Media stuff happen. Facebook news feeds are jammed with status updates, shared content and messages about Obama and the inauguration.

Today as the world joins in on the action, it’s doing it rapidly through Social Media. Check out some of the days funniest tweets here and some of the best memes and photos here. Whether you are are pro Obama or not, just enjoy the funny messages!

Dani McAllen is a free spirit who left the sunny shores of Australia in 2008 for a life filled with adventure. Since then, she has lived in London and Paris, travelled Europe extensively, and started multiple blogs. She works in Social Media and is currently completing a thesis on Social Media in New Zealand. Never one to sit still for long, she is putting her roots down for the time being in Auckland. Passionate about the online world and its potential, Dani can be found writing for multiple websites, and blogging at danijustis.com. Feel free to contact her via Twitter or email for a chat.

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