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Is MySpace Stealing Artists’ Music?

By January 24, 2013News

“Oops”. Thats the word echoing around the MySpace offices this week. The website is already under attack for using artists’ music without their permission.


It’s not individual artists who are making the claim, but a UK agency called Merlin who represent bands like Arcade Fire (fantastic band FYI) and Vampire Weekend (another great group). Apparently the OLD Myspace (not to be confused with the NEW MySpace) had a deal with them about playing their groups’ music online, but that expired over a year ago.

Arcade Fire



Vampire Weekend


Hence the “Oops”.

While the team at Merlin said they don’t see “ignorance as justification for piracy” I have a feeling that old Timberlake will be able to sort this out/sweep it under the new Myspace rug pretty quickly. This is probably the most international coverage Merlin have ever gotten for their bands, so they’ll come around to the ‘ignorance is OK’ way soon enough.

Have you signed up to the new MySpace? What are your thoughts? Is Justin on to something, or can we do without it?