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James Bond Gun To Become Reality Thanks To Technology?

By January 30, 2013News



In the new James Bond film Skyfall, Bond is given a gun by his quartermaster at MI6 that will only work if it is fired by him. In reality, these guns are getting more and more likely.

While the technology for these smart guns has been around for some time, the push to move forward with it hasn’t been strong enough. With the near-constatn gun violence in the USA though there are those out there who are hoping that will change. Many believe this is technology being used in the right way – a way that benefits humans and makes the world a better place.

Research has been done on such technologies in Europe and in the USA, and ideas like ‘grip technology’, ‘biometric sensors’ and ‘utilising radio frequency’ have all been thrown around. It remains to be seen however it these guns will make the transition from the screen to the real world in a serious way.