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Facebook Wants To Know Each Time You Eat, Drink, Poop and Sleep.

By February 1, 2013News

Facebook don’t just want you to write about how you are feeling, they now want you to tag how you are feeling!

Recently Facebook rolled out the random questions in its status box – for instance:

Facebook(answer: What’s going on is I am writing an article for SMNZ Facebook, how ’bout you?’)

BUT it seems that isn’t enough. Facebook now want to know exactly how you are feeling (and only the emotions they deem tag-able are the ones you are allowed to feel) and what exactly you are doing.


Presumably this move has been designed to increase the amount of recordable content it can feature in Facebook Search. Previously  Facebook could only get information from pages, groups or updates people have liked or have tagged themselves in. But things are a changing. With the new Graph Search, Facebook need more information to feed it. It’s like a teenage boy that is never full!

This new way to share with the world exactly what you are doing is only available the moment to a small amount users in the USA. I would love to know if anyone has seen this themselves, or if they know of anyone who’s Facebook has it?