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How much time do you really spend on Facebook?

By March 7, 2013News

Facebook Time Rabbit


Facebook can be a never-ending vacuum of time. How many hours do you spend mindlessly scrolling and stalking through your friends list?

If you’ve ever wondered how much time you spend browsing Facebook,  Breakpoint Software Development’s TimeRabbit works as a stand-alone Windows application to monitor your Facebook usage. It measures your daily, weekly and monthly use.

When you log into Facebook, the application automatically starts timing you. The timekeeper stops five seconds after you navigate away from the site and can detect when you’re idle. Users can also view lifetime statistics to see just how many hours of productivity have been whittled away.

The average user spends nearly seven hours on Facebook each month. I would be really interested to know how much time all the SMNZ readers out there spend on Facebook.

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