Life Size Like (just to make you smile)

Life Size Like (just to make you smile)

More than 2,400 people from Lulea, Sweden, attempted a new Guinness World Record when they formed a giant Facebook “thumbs up” symbol on their frozen-over town harbour (I would so not walk on that!)

The “thumbs up” paid homage to Facebook’s new server hub in Lulea – the company’s first outside of the United States. Lulea was selected for its access to renewable energy from nearby hydropower facilities and its cold climate, to keep the servers cool. (If Facebook is moving towards renewable energy maybe the world has a chance?!?)

Congrats to the Swedes! We give you a big thumbs up (get it, get it!)


Dani McAllen is a free spirit who left the sunny shores of Australia in 2008 for a life filled with adventure. Since then, she has lived in London and Paris, travelled Europe extensively, and started multiple blogs. She works in Social Media and is currently completing a thesis on Social Media in New Zealand. Never one to sit still for long, she is putting her roots down for the time being in Auckland. Passionate about the online world and its potential, Dani can be found writing for multiple websites, and blogging at Feel free to contact her via Twitter or email for a chat.

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