Facebook Finally Adds ‘Reply’ Option to Comments

Facebook Finally Adds ‘Reply’ Option to Comments

Facebook announced on Monday it is rolling out a new feature so users can reply directly to comments left on their page.

Followings months of testing, the social network aims to make navigating through conversation threads easier with the new Replies feature. This means that, instead of having to leave a response to a friend’s comment way after new ones have been added, you will be able to address each individual comment. Responses will be posted under the original comment too.

I am sure have had this feature for a few months already? Has anyone else? Maybe it was a kiwi thing! What do you think of the new reply/comments? I think it makes life so much easier!

Here is a screenshot of how it works – I am trying to get someone to come on The Block with me this year, and well, you can see I’m not having much luck!Facebook Comment Reply


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