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Pop Culture Musings – The Passion of Kanye

By June 17, 2013News


The online world has been on fire since the leak of chart topping rap star, and music sensation Kanye West’s sixth studio album, “Yeezus”, ahead of its June 18th release date.

The leak, which came last Friday, sent Twitter buzzing with hashtag #Yeezus got betrayed, becoming a staple of many users tweets.

West who is normally very protective of his music, especially in the realm of illegal downloading, has been rather calm over the leak of the album. In an interview given to Mashable, West’s production team said that they “didn’t have any qualms with the music leaking”. Superstar West was also heard as saying “I have this strategy, its called no strategy”. He continued in saying that “this album is about giving. This whole process is about giving no f@#&’s at all.”

In explaining the album’s title, Yeezus, West has said that “West was my slave name. Yeezus is my god name.”

Commentators believe the leak won’t hurt the June 18th release date, and Billboard suggests that the album will sell half a million copies in its first week of release. Jon Dolan of Rolling Stone magazine gave it 4.5/5, and called it “a brilliant, obsessive-compulsive career auto-correct”.