Facebook releases its question feature, should you care ? [UPDATE]


This morning we saw the launch or should we say the relaunch of Facebook questions, this feature is not something that is new as, this and other major feature got released into the wild by mistake last year. The feature is still in beta but you download the tool over at Facebook’s Question page.

This feature to give you a quick rundown allows you to ask a question in a Quora sort of way without the high quality answers you may get, of course that depends on who your friends are on Facebook and also it has a poll feature in which people can vote on which is the popular answer and add their own answers as well. The feature also allows the person to share the question to their network of friends so, which means your questions could potentially become “viral”.


In a blog post by Facebook’s product manager of Questions, this is what he had to say about the release:

“Like many of our products, Questions originated as people began using Facebook in a new and unexpected way. People would update their status with a question, and their friends would answer in the comments. We saw this and began thinking about how we could make this interaction more useful”


So why should you care about this ? well firstly, from a user perspective you can participate in other people’s questions they have asked, so again the comparison to Quora is clearly there for people to see, but like I said the quality may not be as thought provoking as what you would get from Quora.



This tool would be a welcoming feature for businesses that are on Facebook, but the feature is not available on Facebook pages yet. From seeing how this feature works, admins to Facebook pages finally have a way to ask questions in an organized way and with the poll feature not only you are able to gather important stats from it but further engage your community to participate than just answering your questions.

So what is the vote from you guys, Like or Dislike this feature ?

Update: It looks like the “Question” feature has gone live on Facebook pages, unsure if this is rolled out to other pages, but our Social Media NZ Facebook page just got it. Let us know if your page has it and what are your thoughts about it ?

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  1. Jess Etheridge Reply

    Think it’s a bit stink. It’s like Facebook learning to control, yet again, a user’s content. Should’ve just left people to discuss on their own statuses, it just makes me not want to use it.

    1. John Lai Reply

      Hey thanks for your thoughts, I personally like it because it adds a new element to the product able to poll and ask question, but as i said this will be more of a value to businesses who are on Facebook, admins around the world are jumping for joy

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