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*Slow Clap* Well Played, ASB Bank, Well Played.

*Slow Clap* Well Played, ASB Bank, Well Played.


I’m not going to lie, when I first saw the personalised video message ASB tweeted me while I was watching Django Unchained, I giggled like a school girl, much to the annoyance of everyone around me in the theatre.

The message was all thanks to my Foursquare checkin at the gym (Yes, Foursquare is still alive and kicking). Through what ASB calls “Friendly Stalking‘, they saw the checkin and quickly decided to do a real-time video response.

The video is part of their ‘Succeed On‘ campaign featuring Brian Blessed, a ASB character that celebrates New Zealanders and their achievements no matter how big or small. (Nice to see a brand going against the tall poppy syndrome we have here in NZ!)

These videos immediately brought me back to the Old Spice campaign, where the Old Spice Man answered a whole bunch of tweets and posted them on Youtube. In my mind, Old Spice will still always be the originator of this concept..

It seems I am not alone in thinking we’ve seen this concept before, with many people challenging the creativity behind the new ASB campaign. I personally see nothing wrong with what they’ve done. ASB has taken an existing concept, which saw huge success in America, and applied it to the New Zealand market. What’s wrong with that? Hasn’t this sort of business practice been around for ages? Businesses figure out what is working and they run with it…without overdoing it *cough, cough* Harlem Shake *cough*. I don’t believe there’s such a thing as an ‘original’ idea anymore. Rather, there are lots of different interpretations and twists on existing ideas.

For me, the ASB video came as a surprise, and that element of surprise made it effective. Marketing is all about keeping customers on their toes – nothing should  become repetitive, otherwise it’s insanity (hat tip Albert Einstein).

These are my thoughts on the matter but I would love to hear what you think. Is the ASB campaign a hit or miss in your opinion? Let us know in the comment section below.

John Lai was born in Malaysia, on a little island called Borneo. He grew up in New Zealand and was one of our earliest experimenters of the new-wave social media platforms under the handle "@iamjohnlai". He co-founded Social Media NZ in early 2009 to provide a hub for people to keep up to date with new-media trends and share knowledge about how they're helping shape and change NZ. He is a hot chocolate addict, sports nut and loves travelling.

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  1. Augusta Grayson - February 21, 2013

    My only question about the campaign is whether everyone was clear on exactly what the idea was about (what it is / what it isn’t)? I get the insight (and like it) but the expression of the idea seems to shift a lot and often borders on condescension. There’s a big difference between celebrating small successes and suggesting that finding your way home from your run was an achievement for you. I like the personalised messages, I just think it could have been a bit smarter.

    • Iam John Lai - February 27, 2013

      Hi Augusta, thanks for your comment. Thanks for your insights. Would love to have you expand further on ‘smarter’ what would have been a smarter approach for you by ASB in this particular campaign ? Interested in hearing your thoughts :)

      • Augusta Grayson - May 2, 2013

        Hey John, for some unknown reason I was only just alerted to your reply! Despite the 2-month gap I thought I would still respond :)

        By smarter, I guess I mean demonstrating a real understanding of their customers and making them the strongest channel for the campaign (versus traditional media channels).

        Personally I would have hoped to have seen ASB celebrating real, authentic stories of success from their customers, possibly even enabling ASB employees to share their own customer success stories. This has the potential to open the campaign up to showing people how (with ASB) they can be smarter with their money, motivating them to set new goals or even giving them more confidence to take on those financial decisions which can be daunting. Money and financial decisions – big or small – are such an emotional topic and it feels like ASB would have been so much better to celebrate their unique role in helping those decisions deliver success for their customers.

        I’ve always thought of ASB as being as really innovative banking brand and I would love to have seen them create something unique that really could help people ‘Succeed On’. Even something like a kind of tool or service that helped alleviate the stress of the journey to success (big or small) and actually empowers the consumer more. It feels like it’s missing the link between celebrating success and ‘ASB is the best bank for helping you achieve success everyday’.

        Ramble over ;)

  2. Dean Taylor - February 27, 2013

    My question John is whether or not you are an ASB customer, and do you tweet with them a lot? If so then good on them having fun with someone highly regarded in the digital field and have a ‘relationship’ with…. if not then it feels like they have picked you out do to your online klout….

    • Iam John Lai - February 27, 2013

      Hi Dean, yes personally I’m a customer of theirs so that is why I think it really thug on the emotional strings when I got this message.

      I hear ya in regards to ‘purposely’ targeting those who are active online, and use them to piggy of brand awareness

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