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UBER – Everyone’s Private Driver

By February 27, 2013News, Opinion, Product Reviews


While I was in Sydney last week for the #DellSocialBiz TweetUp with @ByJove, aka Richard Margetic, Dell’s Global Social Media Lead, I used a new little app called UBER. This is my story.

Uber is your on-demand private driver. I knew I had to get a taxi to the TweetUp on Thursday night, so I thought, instead of calling a boring old taxi, I’ll give Uber a shot. I’ll admit I had rung Oscar from Uber earlier that day to chat about the app, the service, and tell him all about my nice walk through Hyde Park – but I have to be honest, the trip was much more than even I was expecting after being told what to expect.

You request a ride using the iPhone or Android app, or from m.uber.com. I used the iPhone app because, well, because i have an iPhone. Obviously. Earlier in the day I had signed up, and THAT itself was a fun process. You type your details in then TAKE A PHOTO of your credit card and it saves the details. UHMAYZING.

I opened up the app, ordered a car with a few short clicks – and got a text to say my car was now on its way! So easy! Here is a blow-by-blow of how it went down.


As I watched the screen the little black car moved along the streets and got closer and closer to me!


Suddenly, it was just around the corner.


I then got a text message saying my car was arriving. I was already staring at the Uber app, but it would have been handy if I was reapplying my lipstick in the mirror or inside a bar with friends. No need to wait out in the cold for it to come!


Sure enough, a snazzy black Holden Caprice came sliding up in front of the hotel lobby and stopped. I jumped in, and Adam said ‘Hi Dani’. I felt like the Queen! I kept watching for a little while as the car took me to the bar for the TweetUp.



Then suddenly it was over!

The ride was smooth and sleek, like you would expect it to be! Adam was professional and friendly and I felt so important getting into the great looking car – I’m not goona lie either people on the street were like ‘who’s that guurrl’ when I got in.

The service costs about 10% more than a normal taxi. The upside to that is you get a personalised service 24/7 available to you, and you get a taxi on demand. You know when its about 3am, normal ‘taxi changeover time’, and you can’t get a cab to save your life because none are going ‘your direction’ (UM YOU’RE A CAB – YOU ARE MEANT TO GO WHATEVER DIRECTION I TELL YOU!) Well in those circumstances, this little baby really comes in to its own. For the rest of the 23 hours a day, it’s just awesome to have. It is worth the little extra 10% or so to be able to holla a ride from inside the bar, or when you know you have 10mins to go getting ready, and BOOM it’s there.

This app NEEDS to come to Auckland. NEEDS to. I have my deets saved and will be totally using it again next time I am over on the big island. I told all my friends in Sydney about it last week and made them download it on their phones in front of me.It’s just the nice kind of friend I am.