‘Lemme Tweet That For You’ – Now I Can Finally Be Tweeted By Robert Pattinson.

‘Lemme Tweet That For You’ – Now I Can Finally Be Tweeted By Robert Pattinson.

WOW. Ok wow. Let’s just stop for a second. There is a site out there that can tweet you FAKELY. As in, you can get Queen B to send you a tweet that you are her home gurl and BFF for evaaaaar.



OR, if you are more of the sparkly inclined, have Robert Pattinson tweet how much he loves you and wants to marry you (as the biggest RPatz fan in the world, OK maybe in Freemans Bay, I can attest that Rob isn’t on social media but still, it will make my heart pound in my chest to see in writing how much he loves me from his fake account).

All jokes aside, this scary site has me thinking about defamation. Different countries have different laws, but I know that down under we have laws that say even if you don’t mean to defame, don’t defame on purpose, or don’t actually defame but the defamation is still attributed to you (are you still following?!?!) then you can get your arse sued. This isn’t the USA though so it’s usually sorted out before a trial and people start yelling OBJECTION in a court room.

Still, it raises some interesting topics for conversation. What do you think?

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