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The iPhone 5: a journey from Westeros to Vulcan

Recently I was given a product to trial that has changed the way I interact with everything and everyone. That product was an iPhone 5 courtesy of SMNZ and our friends at Apple.

In one single moment I was transported from Westeros to Vulcan.


Pictured above is my old phone – a sturdy, solid device now best left to the past state of antiquity. This device would be useful to the brave men of The Nights Watch; mostly because they are so ill-equipped, and allowed only the most basic of necessities to guard the realm of men from the dangers that lie beyond The Wall. Its basic functions of call, text and alarm clock would no doubt have served them well, as they served me well. But the times keep on changing, and the long night ain’t passing our real life world any time soon. If I was to keep up in this world, I would need a new phone.

Well now I have it [not for long though unfortunately]


With more functions than R2-D2 or a Dalek combined, the iPhone 5 is the type of communications tool that Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Bones and Scotty could only dream about. While these characters were able to travel at warp speeds and beam themselves to the surface of Titan, their trusty communicators never had as many apps as the iPhone 5. With an app for just about everything you can imagine, and more still being invented, I feel pretty confident that you could fly the U.S.S Enterprise with your iPhone 5.

But in case you’re wanting more examples of how the iPhone 5 could improve the lives of our intrepid heroes, here are some examples:


As a commander of supreme military intelligence and leadership with a penchant for recklessness, James T. Kirk would find the iPhone 5 a worthy device. With its ability to connect to any network and share information effortlessly, Kirk might just be able to stay out of trouble for once!

Iphone 5 star trek

Then there’s Spock – our dedicated science officer and Vulcan dedicated to the principles of logic. I’m sure he’d love the diversity that over 3,000 science apps provide, and would no doubt give it the Vulcan salute.


Uhora might have a major in Zeno linguistics with the ability to understand alien languages, but even she has been known to come up short occasionally. Klingon especially is a rather difficult language to master – but not any more. With apps ranging from a Klingon translator, dictionary, calculator, clock and even calendar, there’s no need to worry when one wants to have a holiday on Qo’noS.


Leonard ‘Bones” McCoy, the dedicated medical officer of the Enterprise, is a surgical force that is often in high demand. He’d greatly appreciate the 182 medical dictionaries available to him, along with a whole host of other apps. He’d never again have to remind people that he’s “a doctor”, and not something else.


And then of course there’s Montgomery Scott, AKA “Scotty”, chief engineer of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Handling all systems related to the transporter system, which beams our heroes to and from distant worlds, can sometimes prove difficult as shown below.

But the iPhone 5 is a very reliable device. With its phone, texting and maps capabilities, it is virtually impossible to get stuck anywhere – even on the surface of Tycho IV.

Unlike the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, I am not starved of all the possibilities that the iPhone 5 offers its users. Its intelligence as a mobile device is amazing, and it is both easy and comfortable to use.

And of course if I do get lost on Tycho IV, I can always hit up the maps app to find my way back home.