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In this spotlight on interview I sat down and chatted with Anthony Gardiner – the founder and creator of – a Kiwi startup that is all about creating custom music charts based on the interest of the users.

I thought this was an interesting concept when I first heard about it, and like most people reading this I also wondered, “how the hell is this going to stand out among the giants of music streaming services out there?”

After a few viewings of this product, I was struck by’s ability to not only learn your taste in music, but also your tastes in other areas as life – for example, it will know that you are a fan of the All Blacks. This takes the concept of checking out what your friends are listening to to the next level. What Anthony has created  is the ability to connect with others who share your taste in music, even though you’ve never met them in the real world.

The system works by pulling two different forms of data from two different sources: Apple iTunes with your most played list, and Facebook with your interests. The engine that runs this website comes from Facebook, and that is the main mechanism used to group you (not me!) with fellow Justin Bieber fans.

I quickly put on my marketing/business hat when analysing and realised that this tool could be invaluable to event centres and retail stores. To finally have music that is relevant to your shoppers or to the supporters of a particular sports team will create an experience that is unique. For example, imagine going to an All Blacks game and instead of hearing the same old stadium music, you get to hear personalised tracks that you actually enjoy! The stadium will have already implemented the 25MostPlayed system, urging fans to sign up so that, come game day, the playlist is filtered to cater to this specific audience.

Personally, I’m excited about the possibilities with a system like But I won’t spoil anymore of it and I’ll let the above video explain who, what and why exists.

Also, let us know what you think and don’t forget, we’re keen to hear your suggestions for other digital innovation start-ups you’d like to see featured in this segment.

John Lai was born in Malaysia, on a little island called Borneo. He grew up in New Zealand and was one of our earliest experimenters of the new-wave social media platforms under the handle "@iamjohnlai". He co-founded Social Media NZ in early 2009 to provide a hub for people to keep up to date with new-media trends and share knowledge about how they're helping shape and change NZ. He is a hot chocolate addict, sports nut and loves travelling.

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