Twitter’s down, so what to do ?

At this moment, Twitter is down, If I have a dollar for every time Twitter has shown the fail whale, I would have enough money to buy a PSP, but that is besides the point of this post.

So the question is, if Twitter is down, what can I do? Here’s some suggestion from Techcrunch’s MG Siegler, and me also on how to survive when Twitter down

15 alternative hings to do, When Twitter is down:

  • Talk about Twitter being down on FriendFeed
  • Talk about Twitter being down on Facebook
  • Talk about Twitter being down over IM
  • Leave a comment on a blog post about Twitter being down –> preferably this one
  • Talk about Twitter being down via text message
  • Talk about Twitter being down over email
  • Exercise – Do Push-ups or Sit-Ups
  • Write your own blog post about Twitter being down (for an example see this blog post)
  • Talk about Twitter being down on Pownce Plurk
  • Talk about Twitter being down on
  • Talk about Twitter being down internally on Yammer
  • Spend more time with your Family or Partner
  • Call an actual friend to talk about Twitter being down
  • Invite an actual friend over to talk about Twitter being down
  • Go outside
[Via: some suggestion are from Techcrunch]

In terms of attacks, intrusion, hacks or fail whale, Twitter has been doing quite well since the last attack by the Iranian Cyber-Army, but that is not something to be proud of either.

When will the service be up again ? Ben Parr from Mashable, reported on this situation perfectly, he said “It’s late pacific time, meaning most of the Twitter team is probably asleep and a response to the situation will be delayed.

So in the meantime, I suggest you follow these alternatives, as it will make your life easier. And also remember to share this post to those lost Tweeples out there, who don’t know what to do.

Twitter released an official statement on why Twitter was down

We are experiencing an outage due to an extremely high number of whales. Our on-call team is working on a fix. We are recovering from this incident. A sudden failure coupled with problems in switching to a backup system produced a high number of errors for around 90 minutes. This made the site largely inaccessible. No data was lost or compromised during this outage.

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