Twitter Rolls Out New Local Trends Feature

Twitter Regional Trends Image

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Yesterday Twitter secretly released a feature, which i personally cried out for many months ago, and that is “Local Trends”. There was no official statement release from twitter about this feature, but they later did release a statement exclusively to Twitter, but will come to that later. This feature was pretty much announced to the world from @LisBarone co-founder of on her website.

Here is another Screenshot of the new feature:

Local Trends Screenshot

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Unfortunately, this feature is only available to a small subset of users and the Country/City selection is pretty limited (Sorry New Zealand) . I hope you can see why this will be very powerful when it does go into full gear and more countries are made available. This new feature will be a great tool for the everyday user because with localized trending topics it will be much, much more relevant to you and where you are from 🙂 and also business owners on twitter, because they will see what is trending in their local area and connect with potential customers on the spot and not to mention real-time as well.

Here is Twitter’s Exclusive Statement to Mashable about the new feature:

“We’re rolling out local trends to 1 percent of users today, but we’ll share more information when it reaches a larger audience hopefully sometime next week. We’ll keep you posted when that happens.”

Two days, Two new features from Twitter, first was the “Browse Suggestion” feature and now “local trending”. Both you can clearly see Twitter is definitely listening to it’s user, as both are improvements to Twitter’s Suggested list and Trending topics.

I would love you to share your thoughts on these two features launched by twitter, are you happy about it? Or is there much more improvement needs to be done.

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