Twitter’s New Feature – Follow based on Interest

Twitter is known for Implementing industry changing features, the last Major feature Twitter rolled out was, the very popular “Lists”. Just Yesterday Twitter just announced a new feature, which is aimed at New Sign-Ups to Twitter, This feature basically finds and follows relevant people. You can find and follow the people or accounts base on your interested, you selected in the Signing-up process. The feature is called “suggestions”

Twitter Employee Josh @Joshhelman announced this feature on Twitter’s Official Blog:

We’ve found that the power of suggestion can be a great thing to help people get started, but it’s important that we suggest things relevant to them. We’ve created a number of algorithms to identify users across a variety of clusters who tweet actively and are engaged with their audiences. These new algorithms help us group these active users into lists of users by interests. Rather than suggesting a random set of 20 users for a new user to follow, now we let users browse into the areas they are interested in and choose who they want to follow from these lists. These lists will be refreshed frequently as the algorithms identify new users who should be suggested in these lists and some that are not as engaging to new users will be removed. We also have a set of “Staff Picks” that are manually selected by Twitter employees as some of our favorites. Given the recent tragedy in Haiti, we’ve also created a special “Staff Picks for Haiti” to get updated news and content on what’s happening there.

We’re really excited about this change, and look forward to continually improving the experience for all users to discover the best content and get the most out of Twitter.

I personally feel that, this feature will definitely make up for the “Suggested List of Users” which was very irrelevant. What do you think ? Share your thoughts in the comment section 🙂

Twitter Lists Image

[Image Credit: Twitter Blog]

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