Facebook celebrates their 6th birthday with a new redesign

Ah Yes, The Social Networking site is all grown up now. Facebook celebrated its sixth birthday yesterday. Just one year ago, the site had 150 million users. Today, that number has more than doubled to 350 million users.

So what is the perfect gift that Facebook can celebrate together with its massive community, A New Redesigned Facebook of course, which went live a couple of hours ago. Here is some Screenshot of the new redesign Facebook, I think it looks real slick, what do you think ?

Home Page

Notifications Feature:

Private Messages:

Friend Request

So to summarize the redesign up –  notifications move from bottom right to top left , there’s a huge search bar to make search, a core part of Facebook, preview your inbox on your homepage (same as notifications), and design interface tweaks.

Facebook has gone through numerous Home page surgery, all the way back in 2005 until Now:

I knew it was inevitable that a new redesigned home page will come, because Facebook was overshadowed by Twitter last year massively, so last year and January 2010 Facebook announced a slew of updates to show the world that they are ready to play ball with their arch enemy Twitter, with features like –  reply by emailFaceshare basically a copy of Twitter’s RetweetClick impression on Facebook Fan page, and lastly Facebook Real-Time search.

It’s finally Good to see Facebook is taking the “gloves off” approach to challenging Twitter Because, lets be honest, Facebook set back most of last year and ate “the second place to Twitter” Cake.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still impressed with their latest Facebook design. They have always used to set the bar in the social networking world high, when it comes to new features to make Facebook more interactive and cool looking, and the other, plus they have is, they’ve got the numbers to boast, but, I still think Facebook still has quite a journey ahead of them to take the crown back off Twitter, because Twitter NOW is the one setting the bar high for Facebook.

I would love to hear your thoughts about the New Facebook Redesign, what you like or not like about it

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