Facebook Redesign Set to Go Live

Facebook Redesign Screenshot

Screen shot of the changes to Facebook via TechCrunch

You can expect Facebook to present you with a new layout in the near future. The new design has begun to go live, although not yet on a large scale.

There are not too many drastic changes, aside from the transformation of the left hand column into something more usable – it looks as if it allows you to update your status from any page on Facebook.

The search bar has been placed in a more ‘centre stage’ position, and as pointed out by TechCrunch, the “double link to your profile [has been removed]. Settings and login/logout have been combined into a single ‘account’ drop down.”

One other noticeable feature is the smaller size of the chat bar. This is pretty exciting from my perspective, as accessing Facebook via mymobile renders the feature pushed way off to the left hand side of the page and thus inaccessible. Perhaps now I will be able to use Facebook chat from my mobile?

The only thing that irks me is the vertical line down the sides of the middle and right hand column. Visually, they seem to cut up the page in an unnecessary manner. However, I suppose the ‘tabbed’ look is just supposed to look cool.

Are you looking forward to the new version? I like it, however I have no doubt that there will be the typical backlash and ruffled feathers as the changes go live. Facebook users are notoriously resistant to change, and those on my friends list are no exception…

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