Happy Foursquare Day!

A few weeks ago, a couple of foursquare users came up with an idea to have a Foursquare Day.  As stated in the Foursquare Blog, “since four-squared equals 16, it would be great to check into Foursquare on the 4th 16th of the year, otherwise known as 4 / 16 or April 16th”.  Check out the full story of how this came about here.

By the looks of it, quite a few cities have hopped onto the Foursquare Day bandwagon and venues have been setting up events to celebrate this day.  Check out this link to see if there is an event near you.

If your city is not currently on the list, I predict it will be next year making this a truly global event for the Foursquare community.

Is there an event in your city?  Are you going or would you go if there was one?

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