iPad, meet your genetically modified brother the iPed


You are probably saying John! iPad is spelled with an “a”! A couple days ago in Shenzhen, China, an iPad rip off called the iPed was launched. Shenzhen is also home to the actual iPad, manufactured at the Foxconn Plant.

The packaging of the iPed, is in every way identical to the iPad, but the iPed will set you back a mere $105.

Heavier than its Apply counterpart, the iPed  is powered by an Intel chip, runs on Google’s Android system and, like the iPad, is a touchscreen multi-media device.

It’s impressive how fast China was able to copy this – should Apple be alarmed?  Judging by the effect China’s high-quality knock-offs have on other sectors like luxury handbags and watches, I’d say Apple should at least be a little worried.

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