Steve Jobs at All Things Digital- D8 event.

You may have been following this afternoon’s (NZT) Steve Jobs appearance the D8 event. There were a lot of questions Steve Jobs answered, particularly with the stolen iPhone story, Adobe and flash and the recent Foxconn Plant.

In this particular video, Steve discussed Apple beating out Microsoft in market share, his dislike of Adobe’s Flash, and the company’s dedication to making great products for their customers.

I’m sure there will be more video on Steve Jobs interview particularly covering  the iPhone saga and the Foxconn Plant situation.

All things digital have just released more Steve Jobs D8 Video, and we have them right here for you:

Steve Jobs on the stolen iPhone saga

Steve Jobs hinting Apple may take on the television Industry

Steve Jobs talking about Apple’s relationship with Google

Steve Jobs talks about the iPhones’ origin and how the iPad will save journalism

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