Sweaty Mark Zuckerberg at D8 – Video highlights

Mark Zuckerberg appeared today at All Things Digital D8 event. The CEO of Facebook was grilled with hard-hitting questions about Facebook’s privacy issue, instant personalisation, his life as a Harvard student and what is his future as CEO of Facebook.

Throughout the conversation with All Things Digital producers Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, Zuckerberg appeared shaken and sweaty. He had trouble answering some questions, especially about privacy with Facebook, unlike his D8 counterpart Steve Jobs, who yesterday spoke with confidently and humorously on the several issues like the stolen iPhone, Adobe Flash and Foxconn.

Would you say the lack of experience and age played a factor with Mark Zuckerberg’s poor performance?

Overall I give him credit for fronting up to everyone and answering the tough questions.

Here is some video highlights from the event:

Make Zuckerberg sweating on stage and talks about Facebook’s social graph:

Mark Zuckerberg talks about Facebook’s privacy Issue:

All Things Digital just released the full cringe and also ballsy video of the Mark Zuckerberg interview at D8 earlier this month

[Thumbnail image via: All Things Digital]

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