Prepare for further Twitter down times

Yesterday we reported on the networking issues which left Twitter inaccessible to thousands of users. Today Twitter has announced that there will be further down times over the next two weeks, as it’s engineers scheduled maintenance on their networks.

These repairs and improvements are designed to allow Twitter to accommodate the massive traffic increase brought on by the FIFA World Cup.

This could not have come at a worse time for soccer fans, many of whom are using Twitter to voice their support for their teams in South Africa.

Through the official Twitter blog, Twitter’s communications manager Sean Garret wrote:

“Record traffic and unprecedented spikes in activity are never simple to manage. However, we were well aware of the likely impact of the World Cup. What we didn’t anticipate was some of the complexities that have been inherent in fixing and optimizing our systems before and during the event.”

However, Garret has promised that these down times have been scheduled in such a way as not to interrupt supporters while a game is being played, a consideration which soccer-mad users will appreciate, but one that does not ease the worries of business owners who rely on Twitter.

We asked our Twitter followers if they would be affected if Twitter were to disappear tomorrow, and the vast majority of respondents felt that they would. Fiona Lees, a business woman and respondent under the handle @Fiona_Lees, said : “Absolutely [it would affect us] – it’s a huge part of our business”.

The common theme which emerged from the responses is that current users find Twitter to be an indispensable tool for cultivating a social media presence and marketing their businesses. However, until Twitter resolves their recurring network issues, it will find it difficult to transition from being an alternative marketing method to becoming a business staple.

Check out John Lai’s post on what are your other options, when the team at Twitter is hard at work in getting the service to run smoothly again.

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