Apple will address iPhone 4 issue in a press conference

In the last few days, talk about the iPhone4’s antenna problems has reignited, with US  watchdog, Consumer Reports releasing their view – that the design of the iPhone 4 is the cause of the reception problems.

Apple Spokesperson Steve Dowling told the New York Times that they’ll be holding a press conference to address this problem, which is expected to be held at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California this Friday at 10 am (5 am NZT)

We found that connectivity was fine in the city. When we tested further out, however, the reception got a bit patchy, with bars frequently dropping.  We did not experience any dropped calls.

Although a worldwide recall on the device is highly unlikely, but an offer of free bumper cases seems to be on the cards. You can wait for your freebie or use the DIY method –  duct-tapping seems to work wonders for people. Although, when the main feature of the new phone is its stunning good looks, it makes you wonder why anyone would ever upgrade.

Will keep you updated as news develops.

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    1. John Lai Reply

      Hi Lucy

      Thanks for the comment

      Perfect case of engineers not thoroughly triple checking their product.

      Now we will really see if the world is as forgiving to apple.

      Mark Zuckerberg must be thinking to himself "Thank goodness i get a break from the spotlight….for now"

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