Live blogging from Bar Camp Auckland 17/07/10

Barcamp Auckland 4

Date:  Saturday, July 17, 2010

Time: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Location: Botany Downs College, Botany, Auckland

Barcamp Auckland is the Auckland chapter of an initiative to bring together creatives, technologists, scientists, programmers, and bloggers – and let them engage in discussions about new ideas from their respective fields. This will be the fourth Barcamp in Auckland, and there will be presentations and discussions on web technologies, operating systems, design and user interfaces, productivity and a whole lot more.

Barcamp is like a conference, but it’s also not. There are ideas and keynotes, but the level of interactions and discussions are far more intimate and allow for more room to expand and develop conversations away from just a brand’s message points. As Erica O’Grady, the self-proclaimed number 1 Erica on Google, has said ‘At a traditional conference the best ideas originate in the hallways and corridors. Barcamp is all corridor.’

The Social Media NZ team are going to be making a presence at Barcamp Auckland 4 this Saturday. We will be live blogging, tweeting, videoing/photoing,  analyzing, and plain old reporting about all the different technology speakers an event like Barcamp brings together.

Check out Barcamp Auckland 4’s full schedule here, so you can see what time you have to tune into SMNZ to hear about your favorite topics.

[Stay tuned for live coverage of Barcamp Auckland 4, including commentary, insights, and awesome hand-raising question-asking.]

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