Twitter For Mac: The Hidden Feature

Twitter for Mac was the first official Twitter applications to be included in the Mac App Store when it was launched a week ago. Yesterday a feature that is not so new but undiscovered was the “Tweet” anywhere feature, which was discovered by the good folks at Techcrunch and Macstories.

This feature allows you to highlight any text within your Chrome and Safari browser. Right-click on the selected text, and your default drop-down will ask you whether you want to copy, paste or cut, but you will also get a “tweet” feature as well which when clicked upon will open up as a new tweet in your Twitter for Mac app. You need to have your Mac updated to 10.6.6 to have the Mac App Store available, in order to download twitter for mac to have this feature available to you. The feature works in apps like iChat,, Ecoute, Reeder, iCal and unfortunately this feature is not Firefox compatible yet.

[Image credit: Techcrunch]

I had a good play around with this feature, and it’s quite neat but so far this feature is quite limited. The feature doesn’t give you a link of where you got the text from, but expect the next update to include the link option.

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