Social Media NZ Weekly Wrap-Up – CEO reshuffles and TVNZ’s new channel

Firstly, I’d like to say thanks to everyone who posted their thoughts on the new-look Social-Lite video, we had heaps of positive feedback and we are listening intently to your suggestions – keep ’em coming!

Things got cracking this week with three big events that shook the tech world, the first of which was the announcement from Apple that Steve Jobs was taking indefinite medical leave. This isn’t the first time Jobs has taken leave from Apple, so he’s developed a strong bench to turn to, namely the man who is replacing him in the interim, COO Tim Cook. Whilst many believe Apple will survive this setback and that they’re “bigger than Steve Jobs”, I can’t help but think that Apple’s brand and Jobs are inextricably intertwined. Watch this space.

In other leadership-reshuffling news, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt stepped down from the search giant’s leadership post last week. He has been replaced by the company’s former CEO, Larry Page. The apparent rationale behind this decision was to speed up the decision-making process, as Schmidt mentioned last year that several big opportunities were foregone due to slow decision making. Hopefully this will inject some much-needed youth and common sense into the organisation.

Finally, we saw NZ’s own slightly stodgy state broadcaster TVNZ give us all a bit of a shock with the announcement of a new television channel that integrates social media with live broadcasting. This project has the potential to shift the New Zealand public into the social media space en masse, and hopefully will put an end to discussion around Twitter or other social media being passed off as youthful gibberish. TVNZ has always been a channel that resonated more with adults, and this youth-orientated approach has the potential to attract not only a younger audience but also the younger audience’s parents, thereby killing two birds with one stone.

News you may have missed:

1) This week the Apple App Store surpassed 10 billion downloads, and with the addition of the Mac’s App Store we should expect even bigger numbers being produced in the next couple of months.

2) We saw Google on the verge of launching Google Offers into the hot market of group buying, which at the moment is ruled by Groupon. Perhaps this launch is partly a pot-shot at Groupon for turning down their offer?

3) Goldman Sachs’ latest round of funding on Facebook has raised many question about when the social giant will open themselves up to public investment. After weeks of denying it, Facebook has finally given an estimate of when we can expect their IPO.

Video of the week: The Latest use of Facebook “Like” In a Movie

Editor in Chief at here SMNZ, I have a passion for social and digital media. When not writing and managing SMNZ I am the Head of Innovation at TAG The Agency, a digital ad agency and the Head of Sales and Marketing for End-Game, a software development agency. I'm also involved with a number of startups and I am always keen to support those that are bold enough to give things a go. Start something, better to try than to live wondering what if...

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