Social Media NZ Weekly Wrap-Up – Egypt Protest, Groupy’s hiccup and The Daily

We are nearly at the end of the first month of 2011, and what a busy start to the year it has been! One change you may have noticed is the brand new look we’ve given SMNZ TV’s Social-Lite video series. Furthermore, we are in the final testing stages of our Endorsed Consultants product and we are not far away from launch. We know it has been delayed for a little while but we want to make our offering is perfect, so thank you for your patience and we can’t wait to reveal everything when it’s ready.

This week we saw the power of social media being shown in the Egypt protest and how it’s given them an opportunity to voice and share the situation they are going through with the world, raw and uncensored.

New Zealand group-buying website Groupy, which was acquired by the Yellow Group last year, suffered its first hiccup last week, as their site was unable to cope with huge volumes of traffic when they offered Hell pizzas for just a dollar, resulting in unhappy customers venting on Facebook and Twitter.

Last week also saw the announcement that the long-awaited iPad newspaper “The Daily” will be launched on February 3rd, which is just days away. This should be an interesting story to keep an eye on, because The Daily will likely set the tone in the digital publishing market, and could revolutionise how aspiring writers or journalists look at producing content without spending thousands of dollars on printing costs.

Interesting posts this week:

1) We had a sneak peek at Facebook Messages before it goes live to the New Zealand public.

2) Thomas Schwartz, one of our international contributors, looks at social media addiction and the harm it may be causing.

3) One of our hot posts of the week comes from Charles Mabbett who looks at whether Journalism and Blogging should mix?

4) An interesting insight from Michael Moore-Jones looks at what the future holds for social networks.

5) In 2011 Facebook and Google continue their ongoing battle and conquering China is next on the list: it looks like Facebook may have the upper hand this time.

News you may have missed:

1) Amazon achieved an interesting milestone this week, with their Kindle e-books selling more than their paperbacks on

2) LinkedIn announce they will go public very soon.

3) This week we saw the world economic forum “Davos” embrace technology and social media to its fullest.

4) HTC and Facebook to team up for the Facebook phone – We have learned that when a company say they are not doing something, we have to take it with a pinch of salt!

Video of the week: The three Bergs including the real Mark Zuckerberg did a skit on Saturday Night Live, can anyone say Awkberg?!

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