Take a seat Live Blogging. We will be Storifying the Apple event.

As we know we are hours away from Apple’s launch event of the iPad 2. We can definitely confirm it will something related to the iPad, come’on the event poster is a dead giveaway. Apple events are never set in stone even though one product is the main focus of attention, there is always that sucker punch Steve jobs and team, like to surprise us with, and with this one it’s no difference. Like most of us, we will be waiting in anticipation. The event will start at 7 am New Zealand time [hat-tip to Chris Keall, Technology editor over at the NBR for converting the time for us], for the rest of the world you can convert the time differences here.

This year we will be taking a different approach in covering the event, instead of Live Blogging, we will be Storifying, collecting Tweets, Facebook and pictures from the web as the news break. We have been impressed with the power of Storify and how it makes for easy consumption, especially when it’s events related. A perfect case study of this was when the good folks at New Zealand Herald used Storify to collect Tweets, Facebook updates, Flickr photos and Youtube videos of the Christchurch Earthquake.

Make sure to bookmark this page and we will bring you all the up -to-date coverage at 7 am NZT.

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