Social Media NZ Weekly Wrap-Up: Charlie Sheen, the iPad 2 and Twitter suffered its first 2011 bug

This week we saw Charlie Sheen go on an all-out media blitz which saw him bring his #winning attitude to social media and especially, Twitter. To boost his already inflated ego even further, he achieved what other big celebrities have not – reaching the magic one-million follower mark in 24 hours. A feat which has been officially recognized by the Guinness book of world records.

In the world of Apple, the iPad 2, a thinner, faster and more elegant device was unveiled to the world this week by Steve Jobs. The man himself defied rumours of near-death and, despite his health concerns, presented the newest iPad iteration to a room of journalist and tech influencers.  The team at engaget did a nice easy-to-consume comparison post of the original iPad to the iPad 2, you can read more of it over at their website. The iPad 2 release date is still up in the air as to when it will arrive in New Zealand.

2011 has seen a blissful and bug free start for Twitter, but alas that all changed this week with an app called “Tweet viewer” which allows a user to view who’s been checking out your profile. The app bug went viral and caught out unsuspecting twitterers all around the globe. This app is similar to the one Facebook used to have which allows a user to see who has viewed your profile. hmm I smell the same rat here…

Top 4 Social Media NZ Posts:


1) Take a seat Live Blogging. We will be Storifying the Apple event.


2) The King’s Speech wins, The Social Network loses


3) Social Media NZ Interview #2: Talking XERO and Social Media with Rod Drury


4) John Galliano has a Zoolander Moment


News you may have missed this week:

* Actor and Twitter celebrity Ashton Kutcher account got hacked – A lesson in taking care of how we log into Twitter.

* Skype and Facebook resumes talks on possible video chatting capabilities on


Social Media Win of the week:

An awesome Facebook campaign that lets you virtually tour the campus within Facebook. How cool is that ?

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Video of the week: TED 2011: Wael Ghonim – Voice of Egypt’s Revolution

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