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The good folks over at The Guardian UK beat us to the punch with storifying the South by South West event. We shook our fist and stamped our collective foot briefly, but in the end it’s good to see more media outlets using Storify to organize relevant web-based news and bring it onto a platform where it’s easily consumable.

We here at Social Media NZ love Storify. We’ve talked for a long time now about the need for a product that provides readers an easy way to sort through the overwhelming volume of news on the web, filter out the illegitimate or irrelevant stuff and organize it into an easily consumed package. The crew at Storify was obviously thinking the same thing and have built a great solution that is now being used by many respected news sources, including  our own NZ Herald and

Below is The Guardian’s South by South West Storify, make sure to refresh the page every few minutes to keep up-to-date with the event happenings. A bit frustrating we know, maybe also keep a look out for an upcoming post on Storify’s need to integrate an auto-refresh function into their system.

[Storify by The UK Guardian and Image by Glam Magazine]

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