Social Media NZ Weekly Wrap-up: Twitter causing a storm on the Interwebs and Google +1 takes on Facebook Likes

Happy Queens Birthday all, hope everyone had a nice and enjoyable long weekend. So without further adue let’s get into this week’s wrap up. This week we saw Twitter making quite a buzz online especially with their revamped Twitter search which allows a user to not only search for tweets but those tweets are accompanied by images and also videos. Another buzz from Twitter is Twitter photo, which we saw little snippets from Twitter employees showing off the feature, this is not all positive especially to third party developers as this is seen by many as cutthroat towards those who have helped Twitter especially with photo sharing and one of them who is the recipient of this is Twitpic.

Google +1 [plus one] officially went live this week to the whole entire web. In the last few weeks we saw Google release the plus one button on it’s google searches but this time around they have released it to publishers so in essence it’s Google’s version of Facebook’s like. The take up by international online publication like your Techcrunch, The Huffington Post are huge at the moment, but this brings back memories of Google Buzz. Currently the feature only shares among your google contacts which are limiting, only time will tell if Twitter or other social networks contact will be implemented, if they want to seriously compete with Facebook “Like”.


Top 4 Social Media NZ Posts:


1) Fight! Ryan Giggs versus Twitter users


2) Keep it to yourself, or keep it offline on election day


3) “Think Digital” Belgium: When TV meets the psychology of community


4) SMNZ Presents: X|Media|Lab Conference in Sydney 2011


Other News you may have missed this week:

* Groupon filed for its IPO

* French TV banned reporters for saying Twitter and Facebook

* Klout introduce the +K button – a way for for your peers to vote on your influence

* Apple to soon release their own cloud music service

* This week NBA Superstar Shaquille O’neil use Tout a social media platform as the main medium to announce his retirement from professional basketball


Video of the week: Klout CEO talks about the new “+K” feature and its benefits

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