Google Glass Has Competition From China



Google already has competitors trying to knock it of it’s mantle. Baidu Inc , China’s largest search engine, is developing prototype digital eyewear similar to Google Inc’s Google Glass that will leverage Baidu’s strengths in image search and facial recognition.

Known “Baidu Eye”, the glasses are being tested internally. While the company says they are still not sure if they will sell them commercially, it’s not hard to imagine that this is just a line they are feeding us (why would you go to all the trouble to develop it if you weren’t going to sell it?)

The device will be mounted on a headset with a small LCD screen and will allow users to make image and voice searches as well as conduct facial recognition matches.

Wearable technology is the latest technology trend with many firms, with giants like Google and Apple Inc set to roll out devices based on the belief that users will increasingly seek to stay connected without being tethered to a desktop, laptop or tablet computer.

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