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Evernote iPhone Review


4. Evernote $FREE NZD


Oh Evernote. What a blessing you have been in my life. I have actually had Evernote for a few months. In Dec I got my first MacBook Pro (it was love at first sight!) and I asked my friends what apps did I HAVE to have. Evernote was mentioned by more than one person. I have it on my iPhone and on my MacBook Pro.

Here is a look at my current Evernote first the iPhone version, then the MacBook version (it’s a bit empty!)

My Evernote:

smnz evernote

And my actual notebooks:

smnz evernote

And the desktop version:

Evernote smnz


Clearly I need to step it up on the recipe front – we but with so many Jamie Oliver cook books in the house I don’t usually go to the internet for inspiration for dinner. Evernote was priceless (literally!) when I was flicking through websites for uni and needed to save pages quickly, before coming back to them easily when I was actually ready to complete the assignment.

I have only been engaged for a week and a half, so my wedding notebook will grow much larger, much quicker. I will actually have notebooks for everything – hair, dress, flowers, horse-drawn chariot (I kid I kid) like I have on Pinterest for the photos already. I tend to add my websites via the desktop version. And use the iPhone app for voice notes and other things I think about to write down, and of course – to show people! Evernote has a nice little Evernote Web Clipper button that sits up the top of my desktop browser next to my Pinterest Pin It button – I fear these two buttons are going to get a serious work out the next 22 months while I plan New Zealand’s Next Top Wedding.

Oh, and then of course you see there is the WORK notebook – see how there are more notes in that one then wedding – I DO WORK HARD!

Notes are a mix of notes, websites, voice messages, clippings etc. When you click the Web Clipper up the top of your browser it asks you to put in the info.


smnz evernote


Then all you need to do is go to said notebook in your Evernote App and it is there!

For the iPhone like I said I more use that as a way to show people things, and to jot down quick notes or take photos of things and keep it all in file (ie: my dream dress in a bridal magazine!) I also use it for voice clippings, like the one below.

This app is amazing. It’s available across all my ‘i’ devices in the home, and it all syncs. It’s a wedding planners dream!

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