Siri Communicates With Google Voice – Get Ready For A Laugh



Siri sometimes has a hard time understanding my Australian accent – so it’s no wonder she (she is a she on my iPhone) had a hard time having a conversation with Google Voice. I must admit this makes me feel a little safer in the world. While we can see individual technologies and robots getting smarter, since they clearly can’t communicate – we don’t have to worry about an iRobot situation happening any time soon.

This whole idea came from Artist Michael Silber, he wanted to put both Siri and Google Voice to the test, so he had the two applications talk to each other and saw what happened. Here is the way he described his process:


1. I recorded the audio of Siri reading a selection of text.

2. I placed a call to myself and played the Siri audio recording into my Google Voice voicemail.

3. I instructed Siri to read the new Google Voice transcription, including any errors and recorded a new audio clip.

4. I placed a call to myself and played the new Siri audio recording back into my Google Voice voicemail.

Silber repeated the process 10 times for the video below, and 50 times for another one. Ah it’s the little things in life that are the best. Happy Monday everyone.

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