‘Deleted’ Snapchat data recoverable


The premise of Snapchat is simple: Send a photo or short video to a friend, and it will self-destruct after 10 seconds. That way, it won’t wind up on the Internet and ruin anyone’s reputation, friendships, or career.

It has been billed as the anti-Facebook – a communications tool that deletes your data rather than preserving, analysing, and trading on it. In short, it’s supposed to make messaging fun again.

But the app’s security has never been ironclad.

As the media have repeatedly warned parents, and parents in turn warned their kids, message recipients can still save a compromising image by taking a quick screenshot.

But Snapchat tries to mitigate the risk somewhat by automatically notifying the sender when that happens. If someone screenshots you, it’s a virtual slap in the face. If they don’t, you can assume you’re in the clear.

Except that apparently you can’t. KSL-TV in Utah reports that an Orem-based firm called Decipher Forensics has figured out a way to recover supposedly deleted images from the recipient’s phone.

The process isn’t simple, but it’s still possible. What are your thoughts? Do you think Snapchat should be worried?

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