Facebook Image Sizes and Dimensions Cheat Sheet

High quality images and ads are what allow your brand, product and company to flourish on Facebook. These images, coupled with compelling text, are how you create a social media footprint that lets you reach more users, hit specific targets and even generate revenue. However, Facebook has specific guidelines that you must meet when uploading images. When you don’t use the particular dimensions decreed by Facebook, your images may be cut off and pixilated beyond recognition.

Below is a detailed infographic created by TechWyse that shows you the information necessary to ensure that your images are the right size. Like most social media sites, Facebook updates its platform regularly and it can be hard to keep up. For instance, a shared image and shared link actually have two different upload sizes. The image should be 1200x630px, whereas the link should be 1200x627px. Due to the ever-changing platform that Facebook operates on, even the most skilled social media professionals, graphic designers and marketers may not be aware of recent updates to image sizing.

Besides making changes to acceptable image sizing, Facebook has gone further to update the dimensions for event response ads and the character count for any accompanying text. It’s important to consult the below infographic because any image smaller than 470×246 will be rendered a thumbnail and posts with more than 20% text may receive lesser reach than those with minimal text.

You can bookmark this infographic so that you can check it before uploading anything to Facebook to ensure your image is suitable. Feel free to share the Facebook Image Sizes and Dimensions Cheat Sheet with your team of graphic designers, marketers and social media experts so that they too are able to create compelling content and visual assets in the range that Facebook accepts.

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