Touching use of VR for Social Good

Here at Social Media NZ, we like to focus on cool things happening in the social media sphere! However, given the nature of social media, we often stumble across exciting projects that don’t exactly fit into the type of content we generally share – but makes us feel things.

We recently came across some stunning work commissioned by Mercury that we wanted to share. The work was shot and produced by the good folks at StaplesVR and caught out attention for multiple reasons. It is a heart-warming story that is being captured and demonstrates such a practical yet touching use of the innovative technology of VR.

It’s awesome to see the many ways technologies – in this case, virtual reality – can be used for good in new and innovative ways. Bravo to Mercury for investing in some social good, and well done to StaplesVR for enabling this project and bringing it to life! The reconnection of a very special young man with his family and friends is a beautiful experience to have shared.