Virtual Reality – changing the way we learn

With the desire to create “powerful virtual reality training solutions for complex and hazardous scenarios”, Corvecto is taking the potential of VR technology to a whole new level.

Virtual reality is widely considered as an entertainment feature to be used in gaming, advertising and all sorts of ‘fun’ things, however, Corvecto has realised its ability to transform education and workplace training. Partnering with brands, corporations and organisations of all sizes from around the world, Corvecto provides full-stack design and development services to deliver cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality solutions. They work with a wide range of industries including engineering, industrial, energy and medical, and have half a decade of experience to draw from.

Just one of the amazing ways that virtual reality starts to make an impact is with medical coaching. It can be used to simulate surgeries, emergency response events and other dangerous situations that students need to be able to interact with and understand as part of their qualification. VR helps to minimise the risk in these situations, whilst giving students the closest thing to hands-on experience they can get before moving on to the real thing.

As augmented and virtual reality continue to thrive and expand into new areas, it’s great to see New Zealand leading the charge!