Web Contact Fail

Recently I was looking for some information and knew who I wanted to deal with to get it. I visited their website, filled in the required fields and hit submit. Within seconds I got a confirmation email saying my request had been received and that the information would be forwarded within seven business days.

Well, it’s now been two weeks (10 business days), and I received an email, “thank you for your recent request regarding our services and fee structures. Please call our office to discuss this as we don’t provide this information via email”

Um, I don’t think so – firstly, I made the approach via their website, secondly I’ve used this service previously with no problem and lastly, why can’t they phone me?

Don’t expect people who make contact with you to sit around waiting for you to get back to them – it’s just making it difficult for them to do business with you. If you change the way you communicate with your current clients let them know and make sure it’s you that makes the contact, it’s not your clients job to be chasing you.

It would be interesting to know if others have similar problems dealing with businesses via their websites.

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